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Miami County Medic 6

Our Mission

To provide emergency medical services commensurate with the expertise of it’s Medical Director, the staff of the EMS and the facility’s resources. These services will be provided to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Develop relationships with other EMS providers to assure continuity of care to patients who cannot or should not be treated by Miami County EMS, to insure that the county’s emergency medical health needs are met. 
Evaluate, on a continuous basis, the changing EMS system and the county’s appropriate role in terms of quality, cost, and access. 
Miami County EMS through the County Commission, Chief, and Staff shall, on a continuing basis, establish goals and objectives consistent with this stated mission.

About US

Miami County EMS is proud to provide emergency medical services to Miami County, Kansas. Starting operations in June of 1989, the first year Miami County EMS ran 781 calls. In 2014 we ran 3198 calls serving a resident population of approximately 32,000 covering an area of 590 square miles. About half of our residents of Miami County live in the 3 largest communities of Louisburg, Osawatomie, and Paola, the County seat.


We are funded through a combination of tax dollars generated through a mil levy and the revenue generated from emergency medical services and patient transport. We have also received grants from very gracious local foundations that have continued to support equipment purchases and the operations of the ambulance service.


Miami County EMS is dedicated to the health and safety of the residents of, and visitors to, Miami County, Kansas. We strive to provide exceptional pre-hospital patient care with the leadership and support of our Medical Director, Dr. Stephen Meirose, DO, FACEP, and the Medical Executive Committee and Emergency Medicine Committee of Miami County Medical Center. We incorporate advanced treatment protocols and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best care to the public we serve.


Station 1 - Headquarters              
P.O. Box 536                                  
32765 Clover Dr.                            
Paola, KS 66071
Phone: (913) 294-5010                  
Fax: (913)294-4871     


Station 2 - Louisburg, KS
Louisburg Fire Station            
205 S. Metcalf                                 
Louisburg, KS                          
Phone: (913) 837-5801                 
Fax: (913) 837 - 3629

EMS Chief Dave Ediger

Presidential Limo with Medic 1 in background

Miami County EMS

Employee's Only Area

Miami County EMS--32765 Clover Dr, Paola, KS 66071--(913)294-5010

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