Ten signs it is time to replace your HVAC system

1. Your HVAC unit is old

The newest and best HVAC systems are energy-efficient and are rated with Energy Star. If your system that is over a decade old, there is a good chance you do not have an energy-efficient unit installed. If that is the case, your system is not performing as well as it should.

An energy-efficient HVAC unit can save as much as 40 percent on your monthly bill, and a unit with a programmable digital thermostat can mean savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a year.

2. Your HVAC system has old parts

There have been many changes in the HVAC industry since 1992. Freon, or R-22 refrigerant, is being replaced by Puron, an R410A. Puron has been found to absorb and release heat better than its predecessor. When you use Puron, your risk of a burned-out compressor is reduced.

Because Puron works at higher pressures than freon, the latest compressors are built to operate at higher pressures without cracking. Putting Puron in an HVAC system that was made for Freon can cause a breakdown.

3. Major components are failing

When the compressor, motor, or coil fails, it is a wise idea to consider replacing your entire unit. The parts and labor costs for fixing the components can be enormous, and the chances are that a replacement will be necessary, anyway.

4. Your HVAC was improperly installed

If your unit and ductwork were installed by someone without expertise or by a professional who did not do the job as it should have been done, your system is probably not in good shape. Good installation requires the use of exact measuring and angling, as well as top-notch installation of the electrical system.

5. Your unit is not the right size

Some homeowners try to save money by buying and installing a smaller unit than they should. An HVAC unit that is too small will not have the power you need to cool your home properly. If you are planning to expand your home’s size, add rooms, or take out walls, a small unit can become ineffective very quickly.

6. Your unit is getting noisy

A system that is working properly should not make loud noises when it turns on and off or runs. All of the parts of your HVAC should work in tandem. Squealing and grinding is not what you want to hear from your Miami HVAC system.

7. You keep paying and it keeps breaking

If you have been paying for one repair after another and handing out money only to end up paying more a short while later, the one-time high cost of a replacement could end up paying for itself in a short time.

8. You are going to sell your home

Buyers are going for the modern look, but even more importantly, they are seeking modern machinery in their homes. If your HVAC system needs to be repaired or replaced, you can lose a sale or expect to be offered lower bids than you would otherwise receive.

9. The quality of your air is reduced

When an HVAC unit is failing from age, lack of maintenance, or an improper install, it will not filter out all dust and allergens. It can cause humidity to build up, and mold can become a problem in your home. If this is happening, it may be time to do more than repairs on your AC unit. If you are experiencing a problem with mold, start looking for a new HVAC system.

10. You think it might be dangerous

First of all, panic is never a good idea. But if you are concerned about the pilot light or there are exposed wires on your HVAC unit, the situation can be dangerous. It also means there could be even more problems throughout your system.

It is possible that your problem is small enough that it can be easily fixed by an HVAC tech. But if any of the above signs are occurring, it could be time to replace your entire HVAC system.